Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sally Hansen Update....

On my previous post I had bought Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle, hoping it would, like it 'says on the tin' have me some marvelous nails in 5 days.....but not quite...

I acted faithful with this and applied it morning and night, kept my nail polish off (which was torture) and the results havn't really impressed me. While my nails have grew slightly they certainly havn't strengthened them. My nails are still week and splitting  *sad face*
At a whopping £10 (ish) I really thought this was going to be the creme de la creme, not so much, my hunt for a new nail strengthner begins again.......


This stunning lilac colour by Collection 2000 iv had for a while, I bought it and just shoved it in the back of my drawer, I had never felt the need to apply it but thought I would today and I can say it honestly looks fab its one of their HOT looks colours and its in the colour Dynasty! Think I have a new favourite nail colour!


Monday, 30 May 2011

May Favourites

A round up of my May favourites.......

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle

Umberto Gianni Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

MAC Snob lipstick (Satin)

Dove Regenerating Night Hand Cream

Body Shop All-In-One Face Base (shade 04)



Sunday, 29 May 2011

I Could Not Live Without.....

Usually when people are asked what their 'cannot live without' product is, they give it a little thought. Not me! I'm so sure about mine, my answer is instant - Nivea care gloss.
Many people rant on about how they cannot live without their Vaseline therapy, which when I hear, I always think... why? I have gave Vaseline lip therapy  many a tries and each time it has just slid right off of my lips, it feels as though I have just licked my lips...?
If there is one thing that i really can't deal with, its dry, cracked, painful lips.

I have tried alot of lip moisture's, one being Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Lip Protectant, which I do like alot and find it very moisturising, but at £8 its not the cheapest. Why pay that when I can pay more than half of that for this little god send!?

When I leave my house in the morning its one thing I have to double check I have on me, because if I don't I literally get panic stricken!!... keys -check, iPhone - check, Purse - check, Nivea - CHECK!

can be bought from anywhere, here are some links:

Adding To My MAC Lipstick Collection...

I picked up two lipsticks on my recent lunch break trip to MAC, every time I go in there I'm always drawn to the lips and stand there for several minutes swatching different colours and end up coming out with a very colourful hand. ( I would never put any testers near my lips! yuk!)

My thoughts..?

MAC Tanarama (Frost) -

I swatched this and thought .... yep... would look great with a tan. Apparently not, I'm a wee bit disappointed with this to be honest.  Its more of a 'wet look', nothing that a clear gloss couldn't create.

It may be nice on top of a stronger colour, haven't yet tried that but when I do I will certainly post a picture.

MAC Morange (Amplified) -

For a few months, every time I have been at the MAC lipstick stand,  Morange has caught my eye, possibly due to the fact it's the one of the brightest lipsticks there... I'm more of a natural-makeup kinda girl, so when i was looking at this, even though I really loved the colour i always just stuck to my nudes, browns and pinks, until i was in the other day (and must have had my brave hat on) i bought it! Its a gorgeous summer colour and looks best with sun kissed skin! Its a strong orange/red colour and although its not my favourite it certainly will be getting worn allot through the summer!



Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Top Three Favourite Foundations

I have decided, just for the fun of it that I will do a top three section and make it a regular thing. I would like to start with my top three favourite foundations...

1) Chanel Mat Lumiere - I cannot speak highly enough of this! At £29 this is expensive, but I am happy to pay it because it has thee best coverage in my opinion. When using this I often find that I can eliminate concealer. I would highly recommend this. I, myself have constantly re-purchased.
Stars - *****

2) YSL Perfect Touch - I bought this a year back on a trip to Edinburgh and I really loved it. Love the coverage and the brush applicator meant that it gave a very professional finish every time, I repurchased it a couple of times after, but I soon discovered Chanel...  price -£27.00
Stars - ****

NARS Sheer Matte - I had ordered this on the NARS website because I had been reading reviews and seeing people raving about it on blogs. I bought it fully aware that it wasn't going to have a great coverage but it certainly makes your skin look glowing! Price - £29.50
Stars - ***

My pre-cleanse...

I have just recently learned the importance of pre-cleanse. Getting rid of all traces of makeup before bedtime is really important for your skin to rejuvinate overnight. I can, like many others, get very lazy sometimes when it comes to cleansing at night. I sometimes just wipe my face over with a Johnsons baby wipe and slap on moisturizer, but since I started my Beauty Therapy course at college and am learning more in depth about the skin. On my recent whizz around Boots yesterday I picked up these Roc face & eyes wipes. Roc is always a brand I have been a little tempted to purchase but never have, so I thought, as im looking for a pre cleanse I will pop these wipes in my basket and give them a try....

The packaging is just plain white and blue. Nothing spectacular, the wipes themselves don't have any smell off of them and are suitable for all skin types! (yaay)

when I used them on my face last night before cleansing I found they really gripped onto alot of my makeup and swiped it off quickly and I only had to use one. Happy days.
These will be perfect also for popping in your bag to freshen up your face throughout the day and can be purchased from Boots for £5.99

Friday, 27 May 2011

Sally Hansen to the rescue....!!

So I eventually, after three weeks or so took off my acrylics last night. Soaking them in acetone, (which in my opinion is a horrible feeling) I peeled and peeled and off they came!!  My nails today are really tender and slightly painful, they are weak and just in an all round awful condition. In desperate need of some TLC I hurried along to Boots to purchase a nail treatment and came out with Sally Hansens nailgrowth miracle. Im hoping that as it says on the bottle, my nails will be in better condition in just 5 days!! Its all-gold packaging is very eye catching indeed!

As you can see from the above pictures my nails even look painful and damaged....lets see if this really does work miracles.

I will post a reveiw on this in five days time and let you guys know how im getting on and i'll post a picture of my (hopefully) new stronger healthier nails.....

Bye for now......

Danielle x x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Elemis Excitement!

For a while now I have been very curious indeed about Elemis products. I have heard people talk about it, how well it works and how they can't live without it. The only things intimidating me was the price range, however, having ran out of my Simple range I promised myself I would purchase something more 'luxurious' if you like, so I decided to stop arguing with my head and headed to the Elemis counter in Debenhams Glasgow and see what they had to offer my skin type.... (oily/combination) and I came away with.....

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash & Balancing Lavender Toner.

They actually came together as a duo and cost around £28. When the lovely sales assistant was helping me she advised me this is fantastic for brightening your complexion and resurfacing new skin. I was torn between this and the Pro Collagen Marine Cream but I was lucky enough to be given a handful of the Marine Cream testers, so I have decided once I use them I will purchase it.

Using the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash, Its almost like a little facial treatment, to get the full effect you would need to pre cleanse before using it. I have been continuously massaging it into my face for over three minutes to ensure it really is getting into my skin. With the Balancing Lavender Toner I apply it to two cotton wool pads and dab it all over my face. Very refreshing indeed!!