Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bye Bye Fake Bake... Hello St Moriz!!

You would think by saving myself money over my tanning I would be jumping for joy, but I am a weirdo and I feel like I cheated on my Fake Bake last night, with the cheap as chips, St Moriz! There has been alot of hype over the £3, 200ml bottle, but with me being so laid back I shrugged it off, I was always walking by it in Savers and wasn't ever tempted to buy it, Until last night, a very bronzed sister of mine walked through the door.
"check you, what tan is that?" My sister got all excited  "Its St Moriz, How good is it?!"
That was me, hooked! And the lovely sister that she is, she gave me her bottle! :)
I felt the excitement slip just a tad when she told me it was a mousse, I had never used a mousse but iv tanned my friend with the St Tropez one and thought, I'm not digging this at all, but I liked the look of my sisters so I dealt with it. Now I think I prefer the mousse to the lotion. I love love love the fact it dries instantly! No worrying about getting into bed and getting tan on your crisp white sheets, oh no! I love Fake Bake lotion as well, but I'm afraid this has won my attention now, which leaves Fake Bake..... how can I put it....?...bombed out? It dries instant, its 20-something  notes cheaper and gives you a great colour.... whats not to love??

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award..

I just received a tweet from the gorgeous Lisa from Gorgeous me  telling me she had given me a Stylish Blogger Award, I'm bloody chuffed to bits because this is the first time I have ever won an award!! A huge thank you to her!! :)
There are two rules with this award : 1.)  I have to give you guys 7 facts about myself and 2.)  I have to pass this on to 7 other fabulous bloggers!

Here are my seven facts:

1) I am studying Beauty Therapy at City Of Glasgow College and I am heading into my second year after summer.

2) I'm an auntie to two gorgeous nephews, Shae & Aaron.

3) I'm tiny in height at only 5ft!

4) I love coffee! Where would I be without Starbucks & my white cafe mocha?

5) I have an obsession with Audrey Hepurn, she is the definition of classy!

6) I talk ALOT, but was left speechless when I bumped into Nicky Byrne in St Enoch in Glasgow! He is even better looking in real life! He asked my name and must have thought I was a bit of a thicko because I couldn't get it out! hmmmm yummy!

7) I have a huge phobia of clowns! I am truly terrified of them. Its not even funny. It all started when I was on a family holiday and one of them moved as I innocently threw a coin into his hat. That was me, scarred for life!

My Nominees are as follows:

Adrienne from Adrienne Adore's

Sarah from SWalkerMakeup

Amy-Louise from The Beauty Slice

Yu from letsmakeyuup

Natalie from Pixielashes

This has been a fun post to say the least! I hope you all are well and thank you so much again to Lisa!!! :)


Liz Earle's Fantastic Customer Service & A Very Silly Postman!

Ok I know I'm late jumping onto the sought after Liz Earle band wagon but I have received my moisturiser (combination/oily) I had actually ordered it on the 29th(Sunday night) of May and paid for a 2-3 day delivery slot. With Monday being the bank holiday my third day would have been June 3rd but I still hadn't received it, i gave it until the 4th and then called Liz Earle customer care, they were fantastic!! Very helpful indeed! As soon as I came off the phone I thought, that is the best customer service I have ever received!

The CCA was very apologetic and advised to to check with my local sorting office to see if for any reason the parcel had been held back and if it wasn't there to call back and they would send me out a replacement moisturiser, things got in the way and i planned to call the next day then to my delight my neighbour knocked on the door and handed me my package! The silly postman had obviously realised I wasn't in and for some crazy reason put it through my neighbours door.... who wasn't in either and had been on holiday? Why not just put it through my own door then? grrrrr!!

Anyway, onto my package.... the excitement ripped through me tearing it open, I had no idea I was receiving a 30ml bottle of the hot cloth cleanser!! I would have bought this when buying the moisturiser but I am currently worming my way through my Elemis Tri-Enzyme cleanser and toner... and didn't want to mix cleansers, just so I can be sure of what works well for my skin and what doesn't! I used the moisture last night and this morning and the smell is sooo fresh! I can honestly say I now want the full range!! :)

What is your thoughts on Liz Earle?? :)


Monday, 6 June 2011

MAC Blush Palette Colours.....

Hi guys,

How are we all today? I'm not feeling great at all! feeling rather unwell!Hugs...?
I thought I would show you guys my MAC blush palette and give you a little review on each of them:

Front of palette

Inside palette

Buff: Lovely pink peachy colour. This looked totally different in the pan. It looks more of a tan colour. Not one of my favourites but I often pull it out when I'm that little bit more brown!

Pink Swoon: Bright pink! One of my favourites, i wore this to college today and everyone complimented it! Admittedly it did scare me at first because it is bright but I fell in love with it fast!!

Melba: This is a peachy colour and to be brutally honest, I'm not a fan! Its maybe a bit too dark for me but i reckon it would look better on darker skin tones as I am pale skin tone.

Well Dressed: MAC website described this as immaculate pink and oh how right they are! this is my favourite MAC blusher, light shimmery pink just looks fantastic and would on any complexion! its certainly one i will purchase over and over!!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I Heart Beauty Flash Balm.....

Everyone talks about make up primers, but to be deadly honest I never found myself caught in the 'hype' if you like. I would always just apply my foundation, Chanel Mat Lumier over my moisturiser and it wouldn't really budge. I would always put that down to the amazing-ness of Chanel foundation, don't get me wrong, sometimes if I was in a really hot environment my makeup would slip ever so slightly.
        For as long as I've known, people go on and on about Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and how great it is for under your makeup, so the other day I was in Frasers and I thought I would go to the counter for a tester to try it out as a primer. The lovely SA told me they had unfortunately ran out of testers but handed me a 'gift' size one to try, which is 10ml more than what a tester is!! Happy days! Before heading out the next day I applied it as it instructed, onto the face, not rubbing in all the way and quickly applying my makeup on top. The smell is lovely indeed, It is a sort-of thick consistency but spreads really well. It's very important not to let it dry before applying your foundation, because this way it will just drag across the skin, looking clumpy and patchy. I was with my boyfriend that day, it was a seriously hot day and i was helping him with the gardening (beauty flash balm's time to shine!) as sweaty and hot as I was, when I finished to my amazement I realised my makeup had not slipped in the slightest!!! And i really worked my ass off in that garden!! Seems like beauty flash has became one of my must-have products!
At £27.50 this is an expensive primer but it is soooo worth it! Yep, highly recommended product indeed, i would certainly advise to try a tester first because i have a friend who bought it, loved the product but hated the smell and it put her off it completely. It would be such a disaster to pay that and be put off by such little detail!


Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil & Nars Dry Oil Body Glow

For quite some time now I have been glancing at Nars body glow thinking, should I? But now to my surprise and delight Body Shop have recently launched their new Honey Bronze collection which includes a shimmering bronze dry oil at a fraction of the price, £16!  With Nars at a staggering £44, I was easily put off and asking myself would this be a waste of money. Lets be realistic, £44 quid is expensive and with me being a student with limited funds I could spend my £44 on something that excites me and I truly want.

Reading reviews on this, it seems alot of people have the same train of thought as myself... "Oh at last, a cheaper alternative"!

Don't get me wrong, I may buy this one day soon, never say never but I will be rushing into Body         Shop for my 'cheap' version that is Honey Bronze!!I will be sure to post pics!!
They both promise to quickly absorb, I cant think of a more yuk feeling than an 'oily me' sticking to my clothes. I will do a review on my Body Shop Honey Bronze as soon as its in my paws! :)

Happy sunday all!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

MAC Snob Lipstick

Hi guys.....

I have news.... I'm in love... yep.... MAC's Snob lipstick has got me so head over heels that even my boyfriend is jealous :) A stunning, (what I would describe as) a bright rose pink colour....? as you know every time I'm at MAC I head to the lipstick stand as soon as I walk into the store, and just the other week the one that caught my eye was this little treasure (which I have featured in my May favourites):

I have been wearing it nearly every day for the past two weeks, it can be built up to be more pink if you wish. I have been teaming it with a clear closs. Its just too pretty and might i add it looks great with pink swoon blush! happy mix!! 

Danielle xx                                        

Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Nails Inc Collection

Sharing with you guys my bright Nails Inc collection...(there are a few missing) and showing my most recent ones with swatches! Enjoy.....

The Full Collection:

There is 15 here, I should have 19... think I shall be digging the sister :)

The Southbank - Lovely light grey colour. Very unusual!

Tate - Blood red, classy. Must be applied very carefully!

Lowndes Square - Very pretty lilac! Lovely on toes!

Duke Of Wellington Place - Beautiful deep grey, great for winter!

Carnaby Street  -Wow! this is incredibly bright! great for summer!

Brompton X - A gorgeous shimmery pink! My second fave!

Bruton Street - My fave! A dusky rose pink colour.

I love stepping into Nails inc, I turn into such a giddy little child! Its so bright and i find myself trying not to lurk around too much in case they think I'm a little weirdo. There isn't really another nail collection on the market that excites me as much. I have a big collection of 19 but I have a few missing so I pictured above the ones I can find! Nails Inc staff are very friendly and always seem to remember me. Possibly because I'm in almost every week like some freaky Nails Inc stalker. It does make me want to go back though the fact they are so friendly and talk away to me. The nail paints are quite expensive at £11 each, but they do alot of offers and that's one of the main reasons i like it so much. They offer a mix and match, anytime I go in I will always pick up three for £22. I love it and would recommend it to anyone!


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Loving & Not Loving

This post is to share with you guys what I'm loving right now and what I'm not loving so much......


My Uggs - I am always in heels, but recently I pulled my comfy chestnut Uggs from the back of the wardrobe and i'm wearing them alot! They are fantastic for when i'm shopping in Glasgow. My feet are comfy and that can only mean one thing....more shopping time!

MAC Well Dressed - I added this to my palette last week and it quickly became my favourite! Very sutle and light colouring, this is one I will certainly be re-purchasing and it looks great when I have a tan.

Pizza Express - Addicted would  be an understatement. My boyfriend took me here for lunch last week for the first time and the food was just the best!! I had the Pollo Ad Astra pizza - chicken, sweet peppers, Cajun spice, garlic oil and red onions! and of course a cheeky glass of vino! :) if any of you guys have been let me know what u thought!

Not Loving

Estee Lauder customer service- Now I haven't used any Estee Lauder products, but reading on a few reviews about how good the double wear foundation was I went to the counter at Glasgow today and there was no SA in sight...? An SA from Clinique came over advising me that she was on her break and would be back in 40 minutes...40 bloody minutes.... there wasn't even another assistant on covering? just as I'm about to leave a woman comes strolling over..are you looking for help..?  when I told her I wanted a sample of doublewear and in the lightest shade she never tested it against my skin and just handed me a little tube and hurried away from me... I had to chase her to ask her what shade it was as she hadn't even labelled it, when i tested it against my skin it was extremely dark. She clearly hadn't listened to anything I said. Not helpful at all. It has totally put me off buying anything from them and I think ill be sticking with my Chanel and their fantastic customer service.

Conditioner - Iv eliminated conditioner from my hair routine. I have realised that without conditioner every day my hair is alot more shiny and bouncy! Iv just started to do a conditioning treatment overnight, two nights a week. My hair gets very oily, but now my hair stays shiny throughout the day!

Acrylics - Bad bad acrylics!! I don't mind getting acrylics on.... its the getting them off! What a hassle. My nails are in such bad condition, from now i will just stick to short chick nails!!



Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sally Hansen Update....

On my previous post I had bought Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle, hoping it would, like it 'says on the tin' have me some marvelous nails in 5 days.....but not quite...

I acted faithful with this and applied it morning and night, kept my nail polish off (which was torture) and the results havn't really impressed me. While my nails have grew slightly they certainly havn't strengthened them. My nails are still week and splitting  *sad face*
At a whopping £10 (ish) I really thought this was going to be the creme de la creme, not so much, my hunt for a new nail strengthner begins again.......