Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Nails Inc Collection

Sharing with you guys my bright Nails Inc collection...(there are a few missing) and showing my most recent ones with swatches! Enjoy.....

The Full Collection:

There is 15 here, I should have 19... think I shall be digging the sister :)

The Southbank - Lovely light grey colour. Very unusual!

Tate - Blood red, classy. Must be applied very carefully!

Lowndes Square - Very pretty lilac! Lovely on toes!

Duke Of Wellington Place - Beautiful deep grey, great for winter!

Carnaby Street  -Wow! this is incredibly bright! great for summer!

Brompton X - A gorgeous shimmery pink! My second fave!

Bruton Street - My fave! A dusky rose pink colour.

I love stepping into Nails inc, I turn into such a giddy little child! Its so bright and i find myself trying not to lurk around too much in case they think I'm a little weirdo. There isn't really another nail collection on the market that excites me as much. I have a big collection of 19 but I have a few missing so I pictured above the ones I can find! Nails Inc staff are very friendly and always seem to remember me. Possibly because I'm in almost every week like some freaky Nails Inc stalker. It does make me want to go back though the fact they are so friendly and talk away to me. The nail paints are quite expensive at £11 each, but they do alot of offers and that's one of the main reasons i like it so much. They offer a mix and match, anytime I go in I will always pick up three for £22. I love it and would recommend it to anyone!



  1. I love the Brompton x one what a gorgeous shimmery colour x

  2. Wow that Carnaby Street one is definitely an eyecatcher! :)

    Lovely collection xx