Saturday, 4 June 2011

MAC Snob Lipstick

Hi guys.....

I have news.... I'm in love... yep.... MAC's Snob lipstick has got me so head over heels that even my boyfriend is jealous :) A stunning, (what I would describe as) a bright rose pink colour....? as you know every time I'm at MAC I head to the lipstick stand as soon as I walk into the store, and just the other week the one that caught my eye was this little treasure (which I have featured in my May favourites):

I have been wearing it nearly every day for the past two weeks, it can be built up to be more pink if you wish. I have been teaming it with a clear closs. Its just too pretty and might i add it looks great with pink swoon blush! happy mix!! 

Danielle xx                                        


  1. It does look great! MAC lipsticks always seem so nice. Shame I can't get them where I live :(

  2. Gorgeous colour! :)

    Really suits you xx

  3. That's lovely and looks very similar to my Chanel Magnolia. Must check it out!