Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award..

I just received a tweet from the gorgeous Lisa from Gorgeous me  telling me she had given me a Stylish Blogger Award, I'm bloody chuffed to bits because this is the first time I have ever won an award!! A huge thank you to her!! :)
There are two rules with this award : 1.)  I have to give you guys 7 facts about myself and 2.)  I have to pass this on to 7 other fabulous bloggers!

Here are my seven facts:

1) I am studying Beauty Therapy at City Of Glasgow College and I am heading into my second year after summer.

2) I'm an auntie to two gorgeous nephews, Shae & Aaron.

3) I'm tiny in height at only 5ft!

4) I love coffee! Where would I be without Starbucks & my white cafe mocha?

5) I have an obsession with Audrey Hepurn, she is the definition of classy!

6) I talk ALOT, but was left speechless when I bumped into Nicky Byrne in St Enoch in Glasgow! He is even better looking in real life! He asked my name and must have thought I was a bit of a thicko because I couldn't get it out! hmmmm yummy!

7) I have a huge phobia of clowns! I am truly terrified of them. Its not even funny. It all started when I was on a family holiday and one of them moved as I innocently threw a coin into his hat. That was me, scarred for life!

My Nominees are as follows:

Adrienne from Adrienne Adore's

Sarah from SWalkerMakeup

Amy-Louise from The Beauty Slice

Yu from letsmakeyuup

Natalie from Pixielashes

This has been a fun post to say the least! I hope you all are well and thank you so much again to Lisa!!! :)



  1. Congrats! I'm actually even shorter than you: 4'11!