Monday, 6 June 2011

MAC Blush Palette Colours.....

Hi guys,

How are we all today? I'm not feeling great at all! feeling rather unwell!Hugs...?
I thought I would show you guys my MAC blush palette and give you a little review on each of them:

Front of palette

Inside palette

Buff: Lovely pink peachy colour. This looked totally different in the pan. It looks more of a tan colour. Not one of my favourites but I often pull it out when I'm that little bit more brown!

Pink Swoon: Bright pink! One of my favourites, i wore this to college today and everyone complimented it! Admittedly it did scare me at first because it is bright but I fell in love with it fast!!

Melba: This is a peachy colour and to be brutally honest, I'm not a fan! Its maybe a bit too dark for me but i reckon it would look better on darker skin tones as I am pale skin tone.

Well Dressed: MAC website described this as immaculate pink and oh how right they are! this is my favourite MAC blusher, light shimmery pink just looks fantastic and would on any complexion! its certainly one i will purchase over and over!!!


  1. Lovely colours, well dressed is gorgeous!


  2. They are! well dressed is certainly now at the top of my blush list! :) xx

  3. Oh I want to get one of these:):)..Just got a M.A.C Pro Palette any shades you'd recommend??


  4. Hi Laura,

    I love the excitment at getting a pro palette !! :) My favourite blush is Well Dressed and my favourite shadow is Carbon :)


  5. I love the shimmer in Well dressed I will definately be adding that to my want list x