Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Loving & Not Loving

This post is to share with you guys what I'm loving right now and what I'm not loving so much......


My Uggs - I am always in heels, but recently I pulled my comfy chestnut Uggs from the back of the wardrobe and i'm wearing them alot! They are fantastic for when i'm shopping in Glasgow. My feet are comfy and that can only mean one thing....more shopping time!

MAC Well Dressed - I added this to my palette last week and it quickly became my favourite! Very sutle and light colouring, this is one I will certainly be re-purchasing and it looks great when I have a tan.

Pizza Express - Addicted would  be an understatement. My boyfriend took me here for lunch last week for the first time and the food was just the best!! I had the Pollo Ad Astra pizza - chicken, sweet peppers, Cajun spice, garlic oil and red onions! and of course a cheeky glass of vino! :) if any of you guys have been let me know what u thought!

Not Loving

Estee Lauder customer service- Now I haven't used any Estee Lauder products, but reading on a few reviews about how good the double wear foundation was I went to the counter at Glasgow today and there was no SA in sight...? An SA from Clinique came over advising me that she was on her break and would be back in 40 minutes...40 bloody minutes.... there wasn't even another assistant on covering? just as I'm about to leave a woman comes strolling over..are you looking for help..?  when I told her I wanted a sample of doublewear and in the lightest shade she never tested it against my skin and just handed me a little tube and hurried away from me... I had to chase her to ask her what shade it was as she hadn't even labelled it, when i tested it against my skin it was extremely dark. She clearly hadn't listened to anything I said. Not helpful at all. It has totally put me off buying anything from them and I think ill be sticking with my Chanel and their fantastic customer service.

Conditioner - Iv eliminated conditioner from my hair routine. I have realised that without conditioner every day my hair is alot more shiny and bouncy! Iv just started to do a conditioning treatment overnight, two nights a week. My hair gets very oily, but now my hair stays shiny throughout the day!

Acrylics - Bad bad acrylics!! I don't mind getting acrylics on.... its the getting them off! What a hassle. My nails are in such bad condition, from now i will just stick to short chick nails!!




  1. Ahh I love Pollo Ad Astra pizza it's definitely one of my favourites!

    What a shame you received such poor customer service as Estee Lauder! I do agree with you that Chanel have amazing customer service as do Clarins! :)


  2. it is the best pizza ever Sarah! lol. well i have recently emailed them and they never even bothered their backside to get back to me! i can honestly say i will not buy anything from them. It has totally put me off! I shall stick to my trusty Chanel!