Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bye Bye Fake Bake... Hello St Moriz!!

You would think by saving myself money over my tanning I would be jumping for joy, but I am a weirdo and I feel like I cheated on my Fake Bake last night, with the cheap as chips, St Moriz! There has been alot of hype over the £3, 200ml bottle, but with me being so laid back I shrugged it off, I was always walking by it in Savers and wasn't ever tempted to buy it, Until last night, a very bronzed sister of mine walked through the door.
"check you, what tan is that?" My sister got all excited  "Its St Moriz, How good is it?!"
That was me, hooked! And the lovely sister that she is, she gave me her bottle! :)
I felt the excitement slip just a tad when she told me it was a mousse, I had never used a mousse but iv tanned my friend with the St Tropez one and thought, I'm not digging this at all, but I liked the look of my sisters so I dealt with it. Now I think I prefer the mousse to the lotion. I love love love the fact it dries instantly! No worrying about getting into bed and getting tan on your crisp white sheets, oh no! I love Fake Bake lotion as well, but I'm afraid this has won my attention now, which leaves Fake Bake..... how can I put it....?...bombed out? It dries instant, its 20-something  notes cheaper and gives you a great colour.... whats not to love??


  1. It's my fave tan ever as well. for the price it's just fab!


  2. Whatever you do DO NOT TRY THE SPRAY!!! Stained me for a month hahaha mass disaster! I tried bleach and everything. I was SO dark n I used the light lmao. I may try the mouse though when I have no where to be lol x

  3. That's it I def want some now! Have always been loyal to St Tropez too (love the mousse) but this price is almost too good to be true eh?! Do you think it gives a similar colour to St Tropez? Who all sells St Moriz I've not seen it yet? Thanks for fab review :) xx

  4. have you ever tried xen tan? xx

  5. There's so much hype about St. Moriz & I've still never got round to trying it, always a bit sceptical when it comes to "drug store" fake tans, always been a fake bake fan :) might need to get my hands on it & give it go, at that price you can't complain can you!

    Following your blog now :)