Sunday, 5 June 2011

I Heart Beauty Flash Balm.....

Everyone talks about make up primers, but to be deadly honest I never found myself caught in the 'hype' if you like. I would always just apply my foundation, Chanel Mat Lumier over my moisturiser and it wouldn't really budge. I would always put that down to the amazing-ness of Chanel foundation, don't get me wrong, sometimes if I was in a really hot environment my makeup would slip ever so slightly.
        For as long as I've known, people go on and on about Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and how great it is for under your makeup, so the other day I was in Frasers and I thought I would go to the counter for a tester to try it out as a primer. The lovely SA told me they had unfortunately ran out of testers but handed me a 'gift' size one to try, which is 10ml more than what a tester is!! Happy days! Before heading out the next day I applied it as it instructed, onto the face, not rubbing in all the way and quickly applying my makeup on top. The smell is lovely indeed, It is a sort-of thick consistency but spreads really well. It's very important not to let it dry before applying your foundation, because this way it will just drag across the skin, looking clumpy and patchy. I was with my boyfriend that day, it was a seriously hot day and i was helping him with the gardening (beauty flash balm's time to shine!) as sweaty and hot as I was, when I finished to my amazement I realised my makeup had not slipped in the slightest!!! And i really worked my ass off in that garden!! Seems like beauty flash has became one of my must-have products!
At £27.50 this is an expensive primer but it is soooo worth it! Yep, highly recommended product indeed, i would certainly advise to try a tester first because i have a friend who bought it, loved the product but hated the smell and it put her off it completely. It would be such a disaster to pay that and be put off by such little detail!


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  1. I love clarins for the fact that they are always so generous with samples. I love their make-up too especially their foundations which are so very under rated! I was thinking of getting this for when I have a special occasion as it gets really hot during the summer, now you've convinced me! Thanks for this X